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  1. Ion Storm
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When the earth is dark
there's a light you hold within
there are sparks that you conceal
to shield your skin.

When I walk in your direction
and the sky breathes in,
in the darkness, I can hear
the rising wind...
of a storm

First the lightning touches ground
then the thunder
breaks the sound
Seeking shelter as you see
the nearing tidal wave of clouds
But there is friction in the air now,
and a storm is moving in
--as I'm watching for the signs
that you might be giving in
to the storm...
To the storm!

Charged ion particles are
swimming to your shore.
Charged ion particles, they're
searching for something more
--but is there more?
Is there more, something more?

Will we stand upon the beach
and be washed into the sea?
As the tide that builds the
highest waves is rising,
Will you gaze into the water
as it breaks over your soul?
Or will you crash into the atmosphere
with all the brightness that you hold?

While the charged ion particles are
swimming to your shore
Swift collisions in the air, as they are
searching for something more!
For the element combustion waiting
in the lightning of your eyes,
for the flash of revelation, for
the shifting of the tide:

The new sunrise!
The new sunrise, morning,
rise up morning,
rise, morning rise...
Rise, morning rise, morning rise
to the day... oh, rise, morning rise
oh don't you ever go away

From the light I finally found here
in the storm we sheltered in,
from the ocean that's encircling, our
new days now begins

As our tide rolls in...
and light shines again, and again, and
again, and again, our tide rolls in...
Our tide rolls in, as the light
shines again, and again, and again

Our tide rolls in...
This light shines again.