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  1. Apparition
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Apparition, am I vanishing?
I fear I am a living spectre
walking in a dream...
because the light surrounding me
separates into molecules that gleam,
and my cells are slowly dissolving
into transparency... is this all a dream?

On a crowded sidewalk,
I turn to speak
but my words rise, lighter than air
and disappear
before anyone can hear...
and no one sees me on the street,
they just keep shuffling,
with their eyes cast down to their feet.
But in the distance, did he notice me?

Well, look here comes an apparition
--another soulful vision-- No,
he's just another man who looks
right through me!
He was an apparition,
and when his soul transitioned,
he's leaving...

Shadows enshroud the passersby
while inside I hold
a million tethered lights.
If one soul could only see me,
I would illuminate his being...

But all the people walking by
hide their eyes away, and
so they'll never see
the brightness in me...

I am wandering, harboring light
that shines, invisibly...

Is this all a dream?
Or are my eyes opening?