I'm Elise Beckman, and singer-songwriter Ocean Iris. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, I write music with a folk-rock-gypsy fusion, highlighted by poetic lyrics. I'm currently releasing my debut EP/ album Ocean Iris, as a song-by-song journey. Go to the MUSIC tab, to find out which songs are released so far, and join my mailing list for all the updates!

Starting out as a singer-songwriter with my acoustic guitar 10 years ago, the songs I wrote slowly evolved over the years into a much more dynamic and captivating world of sound, calling me to enrich & express them fully by learning to play the violin, accordion, and drums. From 2017- summer 2018 the vision for my debut album crystallized, as the demos unrolled. During this time I've been hard at work weaving together all these instruments, composing the demo tracks for my debut album from the ground up, and growing into the unique, edgy style, a fusion of folk, rock and gypsy, that I am best known for. Make sure to listen to clips from the demos I've created, by clicking on the SoundCloud button below, and get a first glimpse of the sound and shape each of these songs have taken!

Stay tuned for all the debut album updates, by joining the mailing list below, & make sure to Like & Follow me on my facebook page, linked below, to keep in touch with my career every step of the way! 


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